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Being the leading technology and largest sawdust charcoal manufacturer in Germany, produces a variety of products such as sawdust briquettes, Compressed hexagonal charcoal sticks, and much other charcoal.

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People rely on the products of Base Wood Pallets in more than 30 countries. The quality of our products is confirmed by international certificates of quality and supported by normative documents.

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If you had to answer any of these questions then you are at the right place. 

Wood Pallet Store is one of the largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies. Since we opened in 2003, PSG has grown into a trusted source for woodworkers. The store offers superior products, expert advice, a wide range of demonstrations and events throughout the year. Our Woodwork, Hobby and Craft Fair is now attracting people with a passion for wood from all over the World. Wood Pallets Store  strives to provide premium quality timber and its related products. We understand that choosing the right material is essential. However, there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration and understood when you purchase timber.

Timber is a product of nature thus meaning that it is susceptible to movement, shrinkage and expansion and no two pieces are alike. Timber is obtained from different forests and can vary greatly even though it is the exact same species. The grain variation and knots seen on a board are due to the timber going through subsequent periods of growth. We cut a variety of domestic & exotic species into lumber and slabs up to 67” wide. Each one of our slabs can be crafted into furniture, table tops, counters and much more. We are capable of providing our products in wholesale no matter the amount needed. Contact us for all Enquiries.


It has a more complex structure than softwood and is a slower growing type.


Woodthat is processed into beams and planks, a process of wood production.


The widest and richest range of exotic wood species from countries of origin.


We take care of all types of transportation, no matter the location and amount. 

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I have dealt with Wood Pallets Store as a supplier since about 2001. They are well-organized, and we have always managed to make things work since we have to be one of their longest-distance suppliers out here in British Columbia, Canada.

Evelyn Jimenez


Great customer service. We’ve had nothing but a great experience with Wood Pallets Store for the last few months. We are really looking forward to continuing our pallet business with you guys. Thank you for all that you do for us.

Rashid Peters


:Pallets Move GmbH removes all the guess work from our shipping and receiving department. These pallets keep our aisle ways clear and safe. We are very happy with the product and its reliability.thanks very much

Mark Martinez


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