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DIN industrial ( EN plus-A2 ) are great quality wood pellets for industrial use. Delivery can be by ship, train, truck or container. Our offered Industrial pellets we obtain from more than 20 suppliers from Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. With our 15 year trading experience we can offer that all our offered products will be highest quality. Our partners – wood pellet producers are professionals who know that terms on time and quality is MUST have working with “G2BE Energy Europe” Sp. z o.o. We do not accept anything bellow it. DIN Industrial, DIN Industrial wood pellets, DIN Industrial Wood pellets For Sale, Buy DIN Industrial wood pellets, woodpalletsstore.com.

Buy DIN Industrial wood pellets | woodpalletsstore.com.

Pellets for commercial use (Industriepellets) are wood pellets that do not have to be made exclusively from natural finished wood. They are used as fuel in large heating systems and power plants as an alternative to fuel oil or natural gas, Buy DIN Industrial wood pellets, woodpalletsstore.com.

As a result, manufacturers of wood pellets for commercial use now also have the opportunity to have their products voluntarily certified by a completely independent, impartial and competent body. Create confidence among your customers by labeling your pellets with the internationally recognized certification mark: “DIN-Geprüft Industriepellets”.

DIN industrial – EN plus-A2

  • Quality: DIN industrial ( EN plus-A2 )
  • Diameter (mm): 6mm – 8mm
  • Ash (%): ≤ 1,5
  • Moisture (%): ≤ 10
  • Packaging: 15 kg, 16 kg, 25 kg, Big Bags, Loose
  • Length (mm): 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40
  • The heat of combustion (MJ / kg): ≥ 16,0
  • Abrasion / dust (%): ≤ 1
  • Hardness (%): ≥ 97,7
  • Bulk density (kg/m3): ≥ 600


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Today we sell each month more than 3`000 tonnes of different wood pellets and we do not stop there. We are always looking for new sellers/buyers to fulfill all orders.
. Pallets Move GmbH is Your key success if You are looking for long term reliable supplier of quality wood pellets.


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