DIN Plus Premium | DINp lus Premium pellets | Pellets DIN Plus Premium.

DIN Plus Premium pellets are white pellets. Why we separate DINplus PREMIUM from DIN white ? Because our customers separate them even there is no such classification in the scientific research.

White pellet (PREMIUM) demand is really huge, however, there is not available such a lot white (PREMIUM) pellets in the market. Even DIN white = DINplus PREMIUM , the ONLY difference is the collor ! Everyone should understand that. Within last 2 + years more and more clients understand that and there will be time when DIN white will be hard to get as it is with DINplus PREMIUM . As market for pellets grows exponential the same is with demand. That why white wood are not so easy to get for good price ! DIN white is for domestic use. And don`t forget – It is NOT a color, it is how much heat You get.. !, DIN Plus Premium, DINp lus Premium pellets, Pellets DIN Plus Premium. Buy DIN Plus Premium pellets, woodpalletsstore.com, DIN Plus Premium fore sale. DIN Plus Premium In Stock Now.

Buy DIN Plus Premium pellets | woodpalletsstore.com | DIN Plus Premium fore sale.

Din Plus certified pellets are characterized by high calorific value. It meets the expectations of the most demanding customers in. The smooth surface effectively protects against absorption of moisture from the environment and is resistant to natural putrefaction. Suitable for combustion in certified boilers meeting the requirements of class 5 according to PN EN303-5. The use is very comfortable due to the low ash content which is a garden fertilizer.

DIN Plus Premium In Stock Now.

Pelletexpo Premium guarantees product repeatability, it does not contain any harmful additives. DIN Plus Premium fore sale.

Pellets produced from Polish raw materials. Available granulation is 6 mm. Sold in 15kg bags or 1000kg big bags. Buy DIN Plus Premium pellets, woodpalletsstore.com. DIN Plus Premium In Stock Now.


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