Din Straw | DIN Straw pellets | DIN Straw pellets for sale.

We offer DIN Straw pellets for heating! Special technology has that the melting temperature is much higher

than the usual straw pellets. Our pellets melting temperature is elevated from 800 0C to 1200 0C, an ash content

of 4-7%. As a result is improved pellet combustion process and significantly decreased quantity of the formation slag .

DIN Straw pellets, DIN Straw pellets for sale.
So, what about bedding in details ?
Straw pellets, natural, super absorbent bedding made specially for horses and other farm animals. It is free of

dust and really long lasting product comparing with shavings and other bedding used by farmers and horse

enthusiasts., Buy Din Straw Pellets Near me, woodpalletsstore.com

Buy Din Straw Pellets Near me | woodpalletsstore.com.

For producing straw pellets we are using locally sourced straw, which is ecologically clean product.​ 1 gram

of our straw pellets can absorb 3.4 gram of water (see official test results), so bedding stays dry longer and

that is why our straw pellets not exposed to freezing in cold winters. This protects animals from diseases and

provide with maximum comfort. During pelleting process the temperature exceeds 120C, it destructing any

fungal spores, toxins and existing bacteria. The straw pellets are also an ideal small pet bedding, ideal for rabbits,

reptiles and guinea pigs. We are glad that “G2BE Energy Europe” Sp. z o.o. can offer its production to both

wholesalers and retailers, Buy Din Straw Pellets Near me, woodpalletsstore.com

DIN Straw


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Today we sell each month more than 3`000 tonnes of different wood pellets and we do not stop

there. We are always looking for new sellers/buyers to fulfill all orders.
.Pallets Move GmbH  is Your key success if You are looking for long term reliable supplier of quality straw pellets.


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