Peat Briquettes | Irish Peat Briquettes | Peat Logs.

Peat Briquettes consist of shredded peat, compressed to form a virtually smokeless, slow-burning,

easily stored and transported fuel.

Although often used as the sole fuel for a fire, they are also used to quickly and easily light a coal fire.

Peat briquettes, Irish peat Briquettes, peat Logs.

Peat – combustible mineral, that is formed in the process of natural extinction and incomplete decomposition

of marsh plants at high humidity and lack of oxygen.

These briquettes are ecologically pure fuel type, non-toxic, used for the stoves, boilers – that heats

living houses and industrial buildings. Burning time from 6 hours and more.

Absence of resin means, of soot and also from a glue and cohesive additives. Peat fire logs, peat log, Irish peat log.

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Peat which is also commonly known as turf is effectively decayed plant vegetation that has built up over many years.

Our peat is all sourced from Ireland and is from an area where there are open marsh lands that

produce some of the best peat in the UK. Peat Briquettes in stock now.

From a more scientific view point, burning peat is a low sulphur alternative to burning logs or

coal and provides a superb heat output and a long lasting burn.

Unlike wood that generally burns with a long orange flame our Irish peat briquettes burn with a short flame.

Peat fire logs | peat log | Irish peat log

It’s time to get cozy with Irish briquettes. With their long, slow burn and lovely aroma, they’ll give you all

the warmth you need in your hearth—no matter what type of fireplace or stove you have.

Get the unsurpassed quality that originates in Ireland, direct from Wood Pellets Store.

From a peat bog in Ireland comes a natural fuel that is slow burning and releases a pleasant, fresh aroma.

Unlike any other solid fuel, our briquettes release almost no pollution and produce long-lasting heat

for your home. They give off lots of steady heat and work really well with wood burners or open fires.

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At Wood Pallets Store fuels we stock high quality Irish peat briquettes that are stored in such a way to

prolong their heat output. We take pride in the knowledge that we can deliver you

traditional Irish peat which cannot be matched by coal or wood.

At Wood Pallets Store we have a customer base that simply love the smell and memories

that Irish peat briquettes bring into their homes. Its unique smell is why we love it so much and why

our customers repeat buy year after year.

Peat Briquettes

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