Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned Pallets | Reconditioned Pallet Stove.

Used Reconditioned Pallets pallets come from the recycling sector and the circular economy.

Each pallet is collected from partners, customers and suppliers, who have themselves received these pallets.

They generally cannot reuse them for their own activities so they call on us to collect and recondition them.

On receipt at the processing depot, the pallets are unloaded onto distribution areas.

Reconditioned Pallets, Reconditioned Pallet Stove. Reconditioned Pallets for sale, Buy Reconditioned Pallets

Consequently, qualified operators sort them individually according to:

– the size (1/4 pallet, 1/2 pallet, pallet 80X120, 100X120 etc.)

– characteristics (light, 1/2 heavy, heavy)

– the quality level (very good condition, good condition, to be repaired or destroyed).

Reconditioned Pallets for sale.

Wood Pallets Store  offers a variety of used and recycled wooden pallets as affordable alternatives to new pallets.

Every used pallet is sorted, inspected, and repaired to meet the quality standards of our customers.

For sizes that we do not routinely stock, we build custom remanufactured pallets using reclaimed lumber from dismantled pallets.

We also provide Heat Treatment services for any of our pallets that need to be compliant with federal

export requirements. Reconditioned Pallets for sale, Buy Reconditioned Pallets.

Are you looking for consistent quality with a minimal cost? We’re the right choice for your company & our environment.

Buy Reconditioned Pallets.

Delivering nationwide, The Pallet Company can offer you a sustainable & responsible choice

when it comes to the specification & use of the correct pallet.

We stock substantial amounts of UK standard pallets and Euro sized pallets, as well as a wide

range of non-standard pallets. Buy Reconditioned Pallets.

All our Recycled / Reconditioned Pallets have been hand checked, graded & repaired,

with exceptional care & precision.

We understand that pallets are an expensive, albeit sometimes overlooked, additional

cost to any business & that the cost of a pallet is not an asset for very long!

At Pallets Move GmbH we are consistent in being able to offer our clients several different grades of UK & Euro standard sized pallets that will fit both the budget and the application. Buy Reconditioned Pallets.

If you have a one-off or a regular requirement, please pick up the phone or contact us online about your application. Any additional special requirements that you may have, we are sure to have the right product in stock for your specific application.


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